Title First Author Publication Name PubYear,Volume, Issue, Page number
Suppression of coal dust by microbially induced carbonate precipitation using Staphylococcus succinus. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH 2019  236 1-12
Bacterial community rather than metals shaping metal resistance genes in water, sediment and biofilm in lakes from arid northwestern China ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 2019  254 1-12
Nonlinear response of N2O emission to N deposition in an alpine grassland of central Asia CATENA 2019 182 (11) 1-6
Change in the spatiotemporal pattern of snowfall during the cold season under climate change in a snow-dominated region of China INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY 2019  39 5702-5719
Changes in Snow Phenology from 1979 to 2016 over the Tianshan Mountains, Central Asia Remote Sensing 2019 499 (11) 1-16
Flood susceptibility modeling and hazard perception in Rwanda Richard Mind'je International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 2019 101211 (38) 1-12
Impact of biochar application on yield-scaled greenhouse gas intensity:A meta-analysis SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 2019  656 969-976
Landslides Hazard Mapping in Rwanda Using Bivariate Statistical Index Method Lamek Nahayo ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE 2019 36 (8) 892-902
Estimating Landslides Vulnerability in Rwanda Using Analytic Hierarchy Process and Geographic Information System Lamek Nahayo Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 2019 15 (3) 364-373
Patterns in snow depth maximum and snow cover days during 1961–2015 period in the Tianshan Mountains, Central Asia ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH 2019  228 14-22
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